Monday Firm Events & Workshops

Join our mailing list or follow our Facebook page or Instagram (@nyumcg) to stay up to date with our latest events! Our events will be held in-person this year, with limited room capacity due to COVID-19 restrictions. Those without a spot or those who are online may join via Zoom.


Our events are open to everyone! We'll bring in representatives from top firms such as Deloitte, PwC, and EY in order to provide you with a better understanding of their practices and what the consulting lifestyle looks like. 


Additionally, our upperclassmen conduct a workshop series on topics such as networking, how to excel at the behavioral interview, and casing workshops that will expose you to the case interview process. 


Here are a few examples of our past events!


February 3: What is Consulting?

February 10: PwC Info Session

February 24: Casing Series Pt. 1

March 2: Casing Series Pt. 2

March 9: Google Info Session

Again, check out our Facebook or Instagram (@nyumcg) to see what our latest events are!